Star Conflict Radar

ultimate in-game addon

Version 1.4.1 | 5.88 MB | Requires Mac OS X 10.13 or 10.14
MD5: b43b3493d41cd35946db07b70c9db2a0

Star Conflict


red heart

Leave your e-mail address and get access to hidden features.



See what you can get on the current map.

List of all equipment which can be find on the current map, found modules are saved in the in-app Atlas.


Find cargo drone anywhere.

Radar will show the location of a cargo drone. If there are no drone on the current map, radar will show the location of a gate to the next drone. Also radar mark ships which propose adventures in open space.



Who are there?

See list of all ships in current instance. Get notifications about arrival of new ships when game is inactive. Mark players who killed you. Choose what you want to know about players around you.



Direct access without game.

See contracts appropriate to your rank currently proposed in game without needs to run game. Get notifications about important contracts, never miss free monocrystals and xenocrystals.

Private message


Never miss.

Immediately get notifications about private messages when game is inactive. Be responsive as never before.

Credits and experience

Credits and experience

Know what you earned.

Watch experience and credits which you earned during session. Get notifications when you reached your maximum experience gain while game is inactive or see it without the need to switch into game.


  • 1. Can’t run app from an unidentified developer.

    When you try to open an app that isn’t registered with Apple, you get a warning dialog. Control-click the app icon, then choose Open from the shortcut menu.

  • 2. App ask control over accessibility features.

    To offer an overlay on top of game, app need accessibility access. You need to open System Preferences, then head to Security & Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility. From there you need to click the lock icon in the bottom-left corner to unlock pane and then you grant access to Star Conflict Radar.

    If ignore this option, app will be launched in restricted mode.

    Security & Privacy
  • 3. How to change location of windows?

    Toggle mouse cursor in game by pressing appropriate key according to your key bindings or just Return key (↩) to show chat input. Hold down the Command key (⌘), then, drag window to a location of your choice.

  • 4. I'm already have some modules from open space. How do I mark that they have already been found?

    Open Atlas window in app, find modules which you have and click on them to mark.

    Additionally possibly to import your fits for ships from game. You need to open app Preferences, then head to General pane and press button "Import equipment from presets” (button is invisible if there are nothing to import). If you have more than one game account, app will propose to select one default for current and future imports. If you want to change account, hold down the Option key (⌥) before to press Import button.

  • 5. Which players killed me?

    Players which killed you get a special mark — two crossed swords. This symbol can appear in the upper-right corner of ship icon according to current settings. If you selected option to show players which never killed you, instead you will see another symbol — wings of angel.

  • 6. Is app support more than one game client simultaneously?

    No, different game clients write to one log file damaging and overwriting it. This can cause bugs and misinterpretations. In most cases app can detect damages in log file and propose try to launch app ignoring them, but in that case behavior is unpredictable.

    Best way is to close all clients and then launch only one (it need to relaunch both game and app).

Legacy versions

Download v1.1b

13.7 MB | Requires Mac OS X 10.13 or 10.14
MD5: b0e8527626444ae5c132a1767301e668

Download v1.3

5.88 MB | Requires Mac OS X 10.13 or 10.14
MD5: bf50b7becd5cfbb97e26fe9f2cd4774d